“Therapy helped me to be able to use my arms, legs and very sore shoulders, to get out of bed and walk.” - Robert Hamm

Payson, Arizona, resident Robert Hamm, 84, was in need of rehabilitation after falling and breaking his left shoulder.


In addition to the break, Hamm also developed septic shock, respiratory failure and hypoxia (not enough oxygen in the blood).


Hamm needed rehabilitation in order to recover enough to return home. He was almost bed-ridden and required help to stand up when he came to Payson Care Center on March 26, 2018. He couldn’t take care of himself and was struggling with cognition and memory.


The therapy team worked with Hamm five days a week to get him back to his old self.


Physical therapists addressed Hamm’s mobility, starting him off with strengthening exercises using the SCIFIT® seated stepper machine, ankle cuff weights and resistance bands. They practiced walking on the parallel bars and, as he made progress, graduated to a hemi-walker and a front-wheeled walker.


Occupational therapists worked with Hamm on his activities of daily living, such as bathing, getting dressed and taking care of daily hygiene tasks like brushing his hair. They trained him on the Omnicycle exercise machine to help strengthen his arms and used pulleys for active assistance with his range of motion once his left shoulder healed.


“Robert was always willing to complete therapy, even on a ‘bad day’ and with the daily support of his family,” said Claudia Martinez, occupational therapist assistant.


Speech therapy also played a role in Hamm’s recovery. During his sessions, he did exercises for memory and thought organization and used a cognitive workbook with his family so he could practice these skills on his own.


“He had a great attitude and positive outlook and was motivated for daily practice and independent assignments,” said Vicki Jensen, speech therapist.


Hamm made great progress in all areas and was able to return home on May 29.


“Bob is able to walk with a walker much farther and more safely,” said Dan Quinten, physical therapist assistant. “He worked every day, had a great attitude toward rehab and was always willing to try new things.”


Hamm shared, “Therapy helped me to be able to use my arms, legs and very sore shoulders, to get out of bed and walk. I love this facility. The people who work here are good at what they do.”


Hamm is a former carpenter and tire builder for Goodyear and a father of six.